Best Foods to Eat at Night for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? Possibly the most difficult thing you will feel is keeping yourself from eating right before bedtime. It is only natural, keeping up with our daily clean eating and exercise routine only to feel hungry during bed time. The reason is how the body starts to shed calories and develop an appetite for all things missing.

While you may be enjoying eating clean during the day time, your body develops a feeling of missing what you used to consume before. This problem persists if you develop drastic changes in your diet to lose weight. Not only will you be going to bed hungry, but also may not be able to fall asleep quicker.

In order to ensure your body does not miss its favorite carbs and fats and falls asleep quicker, here are a few foods you can incorporate in your dinner or even after your dinner time to help you feel fuller:

1. Greek Yogurt

You will find a variety of yogurts in the supermarket but the best one is Greek yogurt. This is an unsweetened form of yogurt which is low on sugar content and high on protein. Consuming a bowl of yogurt will help you maintain your satiety and feel satisfied when going to bed. It has been tested that yogurt ensures a healthy skin, healthy hair and even a healthy stomach.

The best thing about consuming yogurt is the taste. Even unsweetened yogurt is delicious when cool. You can start with using the flavored Greek yogurt and then switch to normal, unsweetened one. Remember, a drastic change may end up making you consume more food than you were previously consumer and in turn making you fatter.

2. Cherries

Yes, the cute and delicious fruit that we can eat off from cakes and salad bowls without even thinking! Cherries have a natural hormone called melatonin. This hormones regulates your sleep. Consuming half a bowl of cherries before bedtime will not only let you satisfy your sweet tooth, but also sleep earlier.

Remember to look for organic cherries and not the canned ones. Naturally grown and harvested fruits are the best alternate to canned goods, especially when losing weight.

3. Peanut Butter Sandwich

It may sound heavy but the peanut butter sandwich can actually be good for your weight loss journey. One thing you need to ensure is the replacement of white bread with whole grain. Whole grain bread can be satisfying for your diet, without waking you up at midnight for snacking.

Peanut butter contains tryptophan and the whole bread contains vitamin B. While the former hormone puts you to sleep, the vitamin helps digest and utilize it in the body. You body is burning fat and consuming calories to make you stay asleep without waking up with hunger pangs at night.

4. Protein Shakes

No matter what you say, protein is the key ingredient to have in your snacks before going to bed. Not only do protein put you to sleep, but also keep you feeling full for longer time periods and ensure a regulated sleeping pattern. There is no doubt that protein shakes are the best snacks, especially when you hit the gym in the morning or evening.

Protein shakes are of different types. You can prepare them at home or you can consume commercially produced ones. Most people prefer using the already prepared ones as they take less time to prepare and can be found easily at the store. You can select from a variety of flavors and companies to find whichever suits you best.

You can also prepare a rich and satisfying protein shake at home. One of the best protein shakes to be prepared at home include banana smoothies. All you have to do is get a banana, skimmed or low fat yogurt, cinnamon, ice, chia seeds and peanut butter. Blend all the ingredients together until homogeneous. You are likely to enjoy homemade protein shakes more because they give you a chance to experiment with more flavors and ingredients!

5. Bananas

While some people skip consuming bananas during a diet routine, they need to understand that bananas contain good fats and are essential for body’s growth and health. Potassium and fat in the bananas will keep you feeling full for a long time along with satisfying your sweet tooth.

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