Custom Lanyards

Are you looking for a way to represent your brand or your organisation to your customers? Well, you can think no further as long as you have custom lanyards. Lanyards have been used by most leading brands across the globe to reflect their brand, values, and image of their corporate and companies.

Lanyards come in various types and sizes ranging from the material that is used in making them to their diverse lengths. They can be easily customised to suit the needs of your organisation like your theme colour and name of your organisation.

Getting custom lanyards in Australia is no longer a hustle since various companies are specialised in that field. Of course, there must be counterfeits in the market, making it hard for you to choose the best custom lanyard.

So how do you get the best? Which factors do you consider? Well, here are some of the factors you should look out for before you place an order for the printing of lanyards.

Factors to Consider Before Printing Custom Lanyards

Your Wearers

People have different tastes and preferences. What may be comfortable for you may not be comfortable for another person. That means it is very important to know the people who are going to wear them and the occasion they will be attending.

Assuming that your staff is going to a professional corporate meeting, it looks classy and comfortable to wear embossed polyester lanyards. Besides being classy, they are comfortable and shiny, which makes it very simple for you to print your company’s name and perhaps your logo.


Is the lanyard environmentally friendly? Well, in a world where the environment is progressively becoming polluted, you shouldn’t promote further pollution. In that case, you need eco-friendly custom lanyards.

Most companies and organizations that are mindful of their environment, they buy lanyards that are made from recycled products. Such lanyards are soft and quite comfortable to wear besides being very easy to print. So if you don’t want some carbon debris associated with your firm, then go for recycled lanyards.

The material

Lanyards are made of different materials including nylon, cotton or polyester, among others. Their printings could be made through dye sublimation or screen printing. Whichever material you choose, ensure that it fits the status of your company.

Most firms usually prefer nylon and polyester because of their easy customisation. Other materials include neoprene, denim, vinyl, and elastic.

Their Durability

Every firm is looking for a way they will reduce their budget. So they will go for the lanyards that are made of durable materials. No one wants to keep going to the buyers after some months for lanyards. That is why the procurement departments of various organisations are vigilant when it comes to buying quality materials.

Their clip attachment

You have to look at the clip that is used to attach the card to your organisation. Most clip attachments are made of plastic and metals. That will also determine the price of the lanyard.

If you want it to have durable lanyards, go for clip attachments that are metallic or plastic. If you are working around magnetic or electricity, you should go for plastic clips.


Finally, you need to consider the price of your custom lanyards, ensure everything is within your set budget. The price depends on the material and the type of clip attachment.