5 Great Things to Eat and Drink in Ohio

ice cream

Ohio is one of the foodie places where food is treated like a delicacy, a luxury and a whole lot of fun! It is home of the buckeyes: a poisonous nut, peanut butter, a chocolate dessert and the mascot of Ohio State University. If you’re thinking what to eat here where a poisonous ingredient can be a dessert, worry no longer! We have composed a list of amazing food items that are safe, yummy and a treat for your taste buds:

1. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

This ice cream came into being in Ohio and is now rapidly becoming a national brand. They aspire to give you all the flavors in the world. Their mission states that they want to create a business out of a friendly community of people.

A community that works hard to give their customers the experience they want by going deeper into details and achieving the taste that they require. They not only make amazing ice cream for you but also teach you how to make it for yourself. You can buy their cookbook and make your favorite flavors at home too!

2. Buckeyes

This is what the city is famous for. The basketball team isn’t the only buckeye you will see around. This delicious dessert is what you can never have enough of. Who knew that peanut butter and chocolate would taste so great together. The simplest ingredients combined in the form of a ball resembling the nut of the buckeye tree are available in so many places around the city.

The best buckeyes can be found at Anthony Thomas, Eagle Family Candy, Marie’s Candies and Buckeye Chocolate Factory. No matter what kind of a foodie you are, this is a must-try food item!

3. Watershed Gin

This is an aromatic delight that will give you all the benefits of juniper berries, citrus peel, cassia and coriander. Watershed Distillery was founded in Central Ohio to market the first legally distilled bourbon whiskey and then it moved on to producing distilled gin. Gin has some startling effects on your health that you probably don’t even know about.

Gin is an excellent anti-oxidant and is a low-calorie drink. It can help you fight kidney and liver diseases. Besides being good for your bones it also improves blood circulation to help stop water retention.

4. Cheese Coney

hot dog

Who doesn’t love a good hot dog? These are a miniature version of the traditional hot dog with a slight twist. These are about the size of your middle finger with that delicious beef chili and the sensational mustard topping served with onions and cheddar cheese. The beef chili is first tangy then it becomes sweet then it becomes tangy again and then sweet. It gives you a new twist with each bite. Some vendors use chocolate as their secret ingredient too.

5. Rockmill Ales

You can choose from a variety of ales available here. The best ones are the malty Dubbel, the sweet and strong Trippel, the cloudy and fragrant Witbier and the spicy Saison. When you see that board of Rockmill Brewery you know that you will be treated with the best Belgian ale in the city.

Stop by for an experience of a lifetime. These ales will help you control diabetes, prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce cholesterol, strengthen bones and get all the benefits of Belgian ale with the great taste that you can’t find everywhere.

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